Wednesday, September 27, 2006

US statement on broadcasting at WIPO General Assembly

United States:

The 15th SCCR set the stage for the General Assembly to schedule or consider the scheduling of a DipCon.

We believe that the scheduling a Diplomatic Conference is neither timely or appropriate. The text of the basic proposal is not stable,

There is no consensus and wide differences on a range of basic items such as scope, exceptions and limitations, and TPMs

If you look at the consolidated text two years ago, 89 pages and 28 alternative. The current text, called the basic proposal, is 108 pages long with 47 alternatives.

We are concerned that diplomatic conference to consider this document at this time would not be successful because there is so much to be resolved. In fact, many countries left the last SCCR feeling uncomfortable about the convening of a conference.

In our view the treaty on protection of broadcasting organizations should be the subject of more work.

We stress that in these further nec expert meetings we would *NOT* seek to broaden the scope to netcastsing or any of the new services as discussed in the standing committee. We would leave these on a separate track.

Unfortunately, the SCCR took premature action which we did not and cannot support.

Further expert meetings would have Member States come to a better understanding that would provide a dip con with a much greater chance of success than we have now.